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Nixi's Diary. (Private)

Nixi O'Smith
They tell me that adding the word firewall will stop my victims strangers from finding out that I'm a bounty hunter, with some sidelines, and I'm working this place called Sunnydale that I got stuck in. It's on a Hellmouth.

My type of demon looks like a human kid, so I can get away with a lot in this dimension. That suits me fine.

(Oh, and I'm not nuts - it's an RPG.
BVS belongs to Joss Weldon and Mutant Enemy.
No infringement of copyright is intended - this is just a parody. You might be able to join in...)


By the way, I'm copyrighted to my writer. (I've stolen all kinds of things, even a dinosaur, once - but would you believe that there are people who'll steal characters and plots? Your dimension has a really bad reputation.

copyright to Margaret Cairns; 2003 Copyright to Margaret Cairns; 2003.