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Originally posted by londonbard at post
Happy Birthday




I write like
Stephen King

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Apr. 25th, 2006

I just found out that I was listed as one of the ten most popular ljs four times in 2004. I wish I'd known earlier...

I was listed on 29 May 2004
and again 2004
and again,
and here!

Some of the others were listed, too.

Apr. 10th, 2006

It turned out to be easier to get a meal than I'd expected. When we left the road we made snares from thread unravelled from Marty's clothes. That was a waste but it gave me an idea. His jacket's not as easy to get threads from as it looks but the scarf's made of strong stuff in a loose weave. I unravelled some of that and tied the thread to one of my darts.

I shot a fish. It was a challenge, maybe only a Diran could have done it. Water changes the way things look. If you dip a straight stick in the river the wood looks bent. I never tried it before, even during training, so I missed the first few times. The fish weren't where they looked as though they were and by the time I got used to it the thread was wet and it was all getting a bit old.

I got two. The troutfish went away from the splashing when I got the first but after I cut it up I dropped a bit in shallower water and a bigger, ugly fish came in after the bait. I shot that too. It almost broke that strong thread when it went under a log, but the dart was weighing it down and I got it when it died. It was an ugly dark green thing with a long snout and sharp teeth that snapped shut even after it was dead. The head was frightening. We ate it anyway.

The fish were difficult to clean, almost like animals but not quite - and icy cold even when they were first dead. They don't smell like meat. Marty has a lighter so we had a small fire. I did that trick of cutting the food into thin strips, heating the rock and then putting the food where the fire had been. It works better with fish than with meat. We were both nervous about that fire. Anything around might have seen it from a distance. We tried to have the camp in the shelter of a some old trees, but every time I looked up one of them seemed to be further away.

Dealing with the fish left my hands stinking. That could have attracted something, too, but I wasn't going to wash in the dark. Not after seeing the teeth on that second fish.

We damped the fire down and killed it dead when we left. The soil was mostly peat and that can burn long and slowly and kill everything. We should be coming back this way, later. Dead ground can be useful, but fire burning into the ground and spreading slow doesn't make for safe travelling. The Greckle checked too, once I'd explained.
I thought we'd starve, out in the wilds. We found an apple tree near the start. It was in the bushes, away from the road and not looked after. The apples were small and green and they didn't taste too good even when we tried cooking them. We were hungry enough to eat some anyway. My stomach hurt for days but he seemed to manage well enough.

They taught us to keep alive on all kinds of things, on Diran. I was thinking about grubs. That's usually a last choice, but it might be better than those apples.

Rabbits come out to feed at dusk but there's always a wind blowing and the moving plants and the creepiness unfamilar territory made it tricky to shoot them. I didn't want to waste the darts and I don't think I could find them again in the undergrowth. I gave it some thought and then we used thread from Marty's jacket, braided it, made snares and used the scent-destroying spray. We might catch a rabbit or hare or something.

When we came to the bend in the road we could hear water. I was so thirsty and I guess he was too. We left the road and headed for the sound. It was further than I thought, but I don't think the stream came from that stinking swamp by the portal. (Which way are we going, then? Water runs downhill.) We's have been dead of zootyphoid and fishpox if we'd drunk that muck.

The water's fresh, cold and good and I saw a fish. I wished we could think of a way to get at that. The I remembered about harpoons. There are frogs, too. I think I heard somewhere that the French eat frogs. I wonder how they taste?